Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snowbound With A Vampire

Happy Wednesday All,

What a treat, two official blog reviews in one week! Syrie James especially asked me to review her book, Nocturne, on my blog. It's a beautiful novel and I'm delighted to tell you about it:

Michael Tyler didn't ask to be a vampire. In fact, it was the very last thing he ever wanted in his life. Tired of the bodies stacking up around him, he's shut himself off from the world--inside a huge house on a mountain in Colorado. He finds a way to exist, and limits contact with humans to telephone calls and the Internet.

That is...until Nicole blows through his part of the world.

Nicole's running from a past so painful she didn't even go back to the job she loved. Now she merely exists--thinking it's enough. Colorado struck her fancy for the skiing and meeting up with her college friends for a wedding. But it's time to get back to her cat and her responsibilities.

In an attempt to outrun a blizzard, Nicole suffers a car accident and gets knocked unconscious. When she comes to she finds herself being tended by Michael in his home. He keeps the fact he's a vampire secret and sidesteps her by being short-tempered.

At first it seems being stuck with Michael while the blizzard blows over is going to be a trial. Until Nicole uncovers his secrets.

Can two people really fall in love in less than a week? And, if they do give in and let themselves fall in love...will it last?

I loved this book! I'm still under it's spell and you can fall under the spell of Nocturne by picking it up at Barnes & Noble or Amazon...also available on Barnes& Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle. Go ahead! Colorado is waiting...and so are Michael and Nicole!

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!


Bethany said...

As usual, Blogger had to be mean to someone, so here's a post that I got in my email inbox:

"I enjoyed the post:) And I love Colorado...especially in the winter...so I found the setting very enticing:)
Thanks for sharing "Nocturne" with us:)"


Bethany said...


As always, thanks for dropping by and I'm sorry Blogger keeps giving you a trouble! I wish I knew what to do. If anyone knows, please email me at bethany.averie@yahoo.com :-)