Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kylie From SHADOWFALLS Celebrates My Birthday

Happy Thursday Everyone,


The last of my belated birthday celebration give away is today. Because of my health and other things going on, I'm going to have to close this give away earlier than I did the previous one. I'm doing okay, just need to close the contest out earlier so that I can get to bed earlier.

The awesome C.C. Hunter has agreed to give away a signed copy of her YA Paranormal novel, book 2 in the Shadowfalls series, Awake At Dawn.

I haven't finished reading Awake At Dawn, yet (I received it as a birthday gift from one of my relatives and C.C. graciously signed it) but I'm enjoying it so far. A friend of mine has finished reading it and told me it's very good. 

If you wish to own a signed copy of this new release (and read it, of course) please read the following rules and instructions carefully:

1.   One winner will be chosen after the contest is closed out. The Contest will close at 10:00 p.m. Central Time on Thursday, October 20, 2011. I will not accept entries after that point.

2.  Choose ONE way of entering this give away (I only take ONE entry per person):

By Blog Comment:  If you choose to enter by leaving a comment here:  Please include your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS---please also include your favorite type of paranormal creature (anything from witches to vampires to shapeshifters to nymphs to warlocks to centaurs and everything in between).  If you leave a comment here keep in mind that ALL comments are moderated by me before they are published in the comment section. This isn't to dictate who can say what, on the contrary, I have yet to find a comment I can't post (unless it's a duplicate), however, given the blog problems I've had in the past with people having trouble posting comments, I changed up things and so far it's proven to have helped.

Entering By Email:  If you decide to enter by email, please email me your entry at this email address ONLYPlease include your FIRST NAME and what paranormal creature is your favorite (whether that's a vampire, witch, warlock, nymph, shapeshifter, centaur or anything in between--I just want to know what your favorite is).

As I said, I will be closing the contest/give away out at 10:00 p.m. Central Time today, Thursday, October 20, 2011.

Enjoy the give away!

Have A Tantalizing Thursday!


Meb Bryant said...

Great pictures of you at conference, celebrating your birthday. I'm happy to have been part of your celebration. I'm sorry to read of your health problems, and pray that you'll feel better soon.
Your giveaway is a sweet gesture and reflects your generous nature that we all are used to seeing.
If I must choose a paranormal creature other than my own children, I choose the nymph. They'll short like me and have similar interests. lol
Thank you for a lovely giveaway to honor your special day and C. C. Hunter's new release, Awake at Dawn.
If I'm fortunate enough to win, please contact me at www.mebbryant.com.

Bethany said...


Awww thank you so much! I'm actually doing a tiny bit better. I think I'm fighting something, but my ears feel better than they did and I'm a little less tired today than I was all week. So hopefully I'm on the mend!

I had a GREAT Birthday at the Conference, but they do take energy out of me, so I just need a chance to rest and recover. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to take the day a bit slower. We'll see!

Thank you for your entry and for dropping by :-)


hope you feel better soon.
i like vampires the best :)


Anonymous said...

Sarah sjones2024@sbcglobal.net

I would have to say that my favorite paranormal creature would be a vampire. Even though I've already read this book, I'd love to have a signed copy of it. Awesome!

Bethany said...

Regina--I think I'm on the mend, thank you. And thank you for your entry--there are some very cool vampires out there :-)

Sarah--Signed copies of books are always awesome to have. Thank you for your entry :-)

Pamsta said...

Bethany, Glad ur on the mend. I tend to go for a sexy lion shifter myself. Vamps are hot but I think of Micah in Laurell K. Hamilton's book, and he's just yummy :)


Bethany said...


Shifters are cool.

I'm trying to mend--slowly but surely I think I'm getting better...at least I hope so!

Thank you for your entry :-)

Bethany said...


Thank you to all who entered :-)