Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Following Up On Author Interviews

Happy Tuesday All,

Hope everyone enjoyed Ciara Gold's interview. If there's any author I interviewed that you wanted to read, check the margin of my blog and click on the one you want. I've interviewed:  Elizabeth Pina, Laura Childs, Christie Craig, MaryJanice Davidson & Anthony Alongi, Kim Lenox, Shanna Swendson and Ciara Gold.

I do have a published author scheduled for December (eek, gotta send that author the interview questions LOL).

If there's a particular author you want me to try and get an interview with, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Now, here's the follow up to the interviews:

Elizabeth Pina had a new E-book come out a few months ago, Cross My Heart her website has information on how to get your hands on that story.

Ciara Gold announced her new release coming in December in the interview I did with her.

Laura Childs has new books coming out at different times (so check her website for the information). (The cover for her "Tea Shop Mystery: Scones & Bones" is gorgeous by the way!)

MaryJanice Davidson recently had a new book come out: Me, Myself & Why.

CC Hunter (I'll let you guess which author that is that I interviewed) has a book coming in the Spring of 2011 called Born At Midnight and it looks good!

Kim Lenox had her third Shadow Guards book, Darker Than Night come out earlier this year and it was good. (Anybody who knows the character, Selene and really likes her will like this one!)

For more news on Shanna Swendson, check out her blog, Shanna's Journal.

I'm not sure if and when William Simon has another story coming out, but I can ask him the next time I talk to him. Otherwise, check out Perception in Suspense Magazine.

Maybe you'll get some ideas for Christmas presents :-)

Have A Tantalizing Tuesday!

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