Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Posted by Bethany at November 09, 2010
Happy Tuesday All,

Every now and again we all need that "pick-me-up". That little something that encourages us, strengthens us, inspires us and keeps us going.

The other day at Barnes And Noble Bookstore I found a magnet that says "Never, never, never give up!" and I put  that on my refrigerator. I'm thinking of taping sayings like that throughout my home to keep me going.

I mean there's plenty of things we can come up with to motivate us.

Like:  "If you don't write it, how will that story get out there?" I don't know who came up with that one, or if I just pulled that out of my imagination, but it works.

No matter what side of the profession you're on (whether writer, editor, agent, publisher, critique partner, etc.) we all need those things that gear us up and keep us moving.

So, today I'm keeping mind what I owe my characters and stories: my very best work and effort I can put in. I owe them my time, talent, and energy.

Best wishes, everyone!

Have A Thriving Tuesday!



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