Thursday, September 2, 2010

When A Writer Becomes Zombie

Happy Thursday All,

You  might have noticed the lack of posting on my blog this week. I've had an unexpected occurrence happen...my son got sick.

Monday morning he was not doing well. He threw up in the doctor's office, found out he had an ear infection and went home. Tuesday and Wednesday he developed a cough and then Wednesday night he woke about 3 times sounding bad.

So, back to the doctor's office we went (today). Found out he's fighting croup. He should be better soon and the doc said we were doing what we could do.

Of course, all this going on means I'm walking around with my brain barely functioning. I've been reading--which has helped keep the imagination alive to keep those creative juices flowing for editing and writing.

I think today or tomorrow I might actually (drawing on my faith here, praying that nothing else happens) get to seriously focus, rather then sitting there staring at the computer screen thinking "Why am I at the computer again?"

So, I'm gonna get some extra coffee, read lots, and return to finishing up what I was hoping to do this week. I'm praying that my son gets better rather than worse. He's perkier than he was, so that's something I'm really glad about.

Just another example of what I'm always saying about authors being real people with lives that aren't just about writing.

Have A Toe-Tapping Thursday!


Elizabeth Pina said...

Oh no! I hope he gets better soon and you have a restful weekend. Take care of yourselves.

Bethany said...


Yeah, me too. He's working on getting better. You take care of yourself, too. Happy Writing :-)