Wednesday, September 29, 2010

News, News, News

Happy Wednesday All,

I wanted to post earlier, but for some reason the site was acting crazy, but it's mostly behaving right now. So, I can finally put something up.

New Releases:

Last night I picked up my copy of Kerrelyn Sparks' new book, Eat Prey Love, which is Carlos's story from Sparks' Love At Stake series. Looks good, by the way.

Coming up: October 1st:  Robin Badillo makes her debut with Journey Of The Damned: Retribution.

October also means Laura Childs' new book from her Scrapbooking Series, Fiber & Brimstone will be available.

Notes on Query Letters:

A couple of days ago Scott Eagan talked about query letters and what he has to say about them.

On a similar note today,  BookEnds, LLC talks about what their rejection letters look like.

On September 26th, Query Shark had a winning query letter posted.

Other News & Fun Things:

Another thing happening in October is something I've been talking about:  NWHRWA's Lone Star Conference.

Also, if you're looking for something healthier this autumn with a real fall feel (especially with Halloween and Thanksgiving coming around the corner) you might be interested in Eating Well's Roasted Pumpkin-Apple Soup. I haven't tried this recipe, but they have a lot of recipes that I'm interested in. Plus, this one sounded cozy, which is the feeling fall and winter often give me. (Besides, I won't tell if you sneak a piece of pumpkin or apple pie after eating this).

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!

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