Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Is Coming...Right?

Happy Monday All (Happy Labor Day),

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. If you live in places where it gets past 90 degrees in the summer, you understand. I live in Texas, and it gets hot, hot, hot in the summer (plus you know, there's the humidity factor).

So, on Saturday evening when my husband, son, and I headed toward the entrance/exit of the mall near us and a breeze kicked up and I could smell the way the air smells in the Fall, you won't blame me if I got excited.

Seriously, it really did smell like Fall. There was that leafy, woodsy, cooler weather scent that always gives me a thrill. Plus there was a cool breeze! Not something you normally get in Texas in the summer.

Then I went to Bath & Body Works to get some more hand soap and my favorite body wash. After getting the body wash I went to the back of the store to where they had their hand soaps...and lo and behold, they had out their fall scents! There they were...lined up just waiting to be breathed in and loved. So I picked up Carmel Apple and sniffed it (never had that scent from them), fell in love, grabbed one of the bottles and moved on. I saw Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin was back, so of course I breathed that in and picked up a bottle.

The cashier told me their fall line has been flying off the shelves and they keep having to restock. Well, you just can't blame the customers. We live in hot, hotter, and hottest weather all summer long the Fall line gives us hope that the cooler weather is just around the corner.

In any case, even though it'll probably be awhile before it truly cools down here, I'm delighted to know we've entered the Fall months. I can't wait to pull my sweaters out from the back of my closet!

Have A Merry Monday!

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