Monday, August 23, 2010

Up To Olympus

Happy Monday All,

Sunday evening I finished reading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. After having seen the movie, my husband and I were curious about the series. They're marketed as mid-grade, but I'll tell you what, I think YA and adults will like it, too.

The details are just enough that you get a sense of where you are and what's going on, without slowing down the pace. (And also what people look like).

Greek Mythology is sprinkled (liberally) throughout the book, and it all comes alive through the action and dialogue.

Growing up I was very fascinated by Greek Mythology (I still am). Being a romantic, I really liked Cupid And Psyche; but I also read several of the others. I also listened to a dramatizations of The Odyssey and  King Agamemnon. Lately, I've read some retellings of Greek Myths. I've read Cupid by Julius Lester; I read one that had several retellings, but I can't reember the title of the book.

At first I really liked Aphrodite because of he being the goddess of love, but then I went for Athena because I liked how she often helped people.

If you haven't read these books and you like adventure and Greek myths, I highly recommend it.

I'm playing on reading the 2nd book, The Sea Of Monsters.

Have A Marvelous Monday!

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