Friday, August 20, 2010

May I Have The Envelope, Please?

Happy Friday All,

Working with the Lone Star Contest (it's the annual contest hosted by NWHRWA) has been quite the experience. As a Category Chair, I have seen some stuff that, while I couldn't give an opinion because I wasn't one of the judges, but a part of me was thinking "I'd like to read this one!"

If you haven't had a chance to help out with a contest, find a niche that fits you and go for it. You get to learn how the critique process goes, some of what happens behind the scenes, and you never know, you might see something awesome.

I'm really excited about when we get to announce the finalists. I'm sure it will be a very positive experience. I can't announce the results here, since things have to be done through the official channels, but I am going to say, it's been one of the parts of the Contest I've really been looking forward to--that is, giving that news to people that their story is going on to the final judges!

Entering a contest is also a good way for those seeking critique to get feedback. Different RWA chapters have them at any given time; so look up and see which chapter is doing what and see what they'll accept in their contests.

Granted, you don't have to help out with or enter contests to learn a lot about this business or even to get published, but it's another side of the writing world.

By the way, if anyone is paying attention to the ticker, there's 1 month, 3 weeks and 6 days left until the Conference. There's still time to sign up. Click here for further info!

Have a great weekend!

Have A Fantastic Friday!

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