Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Around...

Happy Wednesday All,

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking (well not kicking literally, but you get the idea). Yesterday was busy with errands and such, so I didn't get online until later in the evening.

I did finish reading Kim Lenox's Darker Than Night and it was very good. If you like paranormal, and historicals, then I imagine you'd like this series. I find it quite imaginative and very interesting. She has some incredible ideas, and that's what makes it fun for me. So, yes, I recommend her books. (Her first one, Night Falls Darkly features Jack The Ripper as one of the bad guys).

I'm now reading Debbie Macomber's Midnight Sons Volume 3, the last in the Midnight Sons stories, and looks like it's going to be very good.

I'm also in the 2nd and so forth rounds of editing. Chapter 1 is pretty much done, although I'll probably go through it again and I'm planning to get some advice regarding it, because I have a few questions, so I'm gonna be getting some critique help to see if I'm right about something or if I'm wrong. The edits are going pretty smoothly. So that's good.

Anyway, like I said, if you don't hear from me as often, those are the reasons. I hope everyone else is doing well! Best wishes :-)

Have A Warm-Hearted Wednesday!

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