Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plans, News, Et Cetera

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Today I'm spending time with my parents (they don't live far from me) and so that will be fun. My son likes seeing them and so do I.

I did some editing last night and for some reason the early chapters are reasonably easy to edit, which is good. It means things get done a bit faster, more smoothly and I am in a good place mentally. Always nice when writing and editing.

I also am delighted to say I've got 3 authors lined up for email interviews. One interview is a wife-and-husband team (yes, both wife and husband are writers, so 2 authors in one interview) and they already have the questions, the other one is someone I've heard speak on writing and brainstorming and good. I'm sending that other author the questions by Friday, already have most of them written, so I'm happy.

The Lone Star Contest is definitely in full swing, at least as far as I've heard. There's STILL time to get the early-entry discount (May 23rd ends the discount, but you enter all the way until June 6, 2010). So, even if you don't get the early-entry discount, you still have until June 6th to enter the Lone Star. Please click here for details.

Also, I recently have looked at the Silk And Shadows blog...it looks really good. If you're into Paranormal I recommend having a peek.

So what's your news?

Have A Talented Thursday!


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Our house finally sold and we are moving in 3 weeks - and I just started packing! Argh! :-)

Bethany said...


Oh man, I don't envy you! I hope not to move again for long while LOL Best wishes on your move and I hope it goes smoothly! :-)