Sunday, May 9, 2010

Super Hero Writer To The Rescue!

Happy Monday All,

Do you like super-heroes? I do. I've liked watching their shows and some of their movies. It's fun to imagine "what if" I could do that? Or what if I knew someone who could?

So, I propose we authors have a superhero of our own. But that super-hero needs a name, a costume and powers.

I'm thinking super-sonic editing skills (edit an entire book in 3 seconds flat! It's all set and ready to go out to agents and publishers, who adore it)

What about super-strength to break through writer's block?

You all tell me what powers, costume, and name a super hero writer would have. Cape or no cape?

I'm thinking the super hero should be able to fly to the rescue of authors everywhere.

Have A Marvelous Monday!


Ryan Vukmanovic said...

Captain Quill to the rescue with the power to defeat writer's block! By using his brute strength he can smash through the Writer's Block of Doom with ease! Can smash through blocks with his Quill of Justice in one swing.

Bethany said...


LOL I love it. Captain Quill, awesome!

Thanks for your input, I laughed. Great job!