Monday, January 30, 2017

When The Music Inspires You...

Happy Monday Everybody,

Last week on Facebook I revealed one of the songs from Hailey Banks' play list. Hailey's story is the one that's releasing in early summer/late spring this year. To get to know Hailey, read the Immortal Dreams Trilogy--Divine Love, Astral Love, and Immortal Love, she's Laney's best friend.

Play lists can reveal some of the moods of either the author, the scene, and/or the characters involved. To see the play lists from my Immortal Dreams Trilogy, click here.

Music has a way of inspiring a lot of writers. When I wrote my stand-alone Fantasy Romance, All's Fair In Love & Lion, I listened to a lot of Chris de Burgh's music. There was something so beautiful and stirring in his ballads. Interestingly enough, I didn't listen to very much of his music for the Trilogy (except for one song for Immortal Love) but that's because Immortal Dreams novels are a different story. All's Fair In Love & Lion is something of a fairy-tale, and Monroe is a lot more classically romantic than Jason or Laney (think Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella). Where Monroe would probably have a waltz played and dance with Sasha to it, Jason is all rock n' roll.

Several YA authors have play lists (Katie McGarry is one). I've found them useful for inspiration when writing, and to convey to readers a bit more of the characters' personalities.

So what music inspires you? Are you more classical, rock, rap, country, punk, etc.--or a bit of everything?

Have A Merry Musical Monday!

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