Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Are You Embraced?

Happy Tuesday One & All,

So, are you all ready? Today I have an official blog book review for you...the very first one of 2017. Pretty cool, huh? I think so, anyway.

This one came about when I requested the ARC of her upcoming book one of her new series. I agreed to do a review in exchange for the ARC (Advanced Readers Copy). 

When March 2017 hits, readers and Kerrelyn Sparks fans will embark on a brand new journey into a Fantasy Romance.

Kerrelyn weaves a world of imagination, magic, adventure, suspense, danger, intrigue, and romance. As always, her story is well-mapped out and she handles the details well. 

Lord Leofric (Leo) is an interesting leading man--he can be hit and survive a lightning strike, while absorbing the power and in turn, wielding it for his own purposes. Unfortunately, he can't TOUCH anyone.

Luciana's character arc takes the journey of her taking a step that looks brave, and showing her actually becoming determined and brave. She's no "Mary Sue" or "damsel in distress".  Sure, she can be rescued, but she's also going to rescue the hero in the process. And she learns How To Tame A Beast In Seven Days.

I can see readers and fans embracing (pardon the pun) Kerrelyn Sparks' new The Embraced series.

How To Tame A Beast In Seven Days will be on sale in March, but you can pre-order it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now I just have to wait until August to see what happens next!

Have A Tremendously Terrific Tuesday!

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