Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dancing Along

Happy Tuesday All,

Are you a good dancer? Or do you just freelance?

When I was younger I took ballet, tap, and jazz for several years. I
never danced en pointe in ballet, but I did enjoy it. Growing up, I felt sort of awkward, and sometimes a bit on the klutzy side. Ballet made me feel graceful and beautiful. I wasn't very good at tap or jazz, but some of it was fun.

Fountain in Frankenmuth, Michigan
Nowadays I'm not doing too many arabesques, shuffle-ball-changes, or shimmying my way across the floor. Usually I have one of my offspring with me and I dance around the room with them (while they giggle incessantly--generally with me, thank goodness!)

Sometimes I turn on country music and try to 2-step around the living room. Other times, I turn on children's songs, or rock n roll, sometimes folk-rock. Music is always a good way to boost your mood, and dancing can be fun (and good exercise, too!)

When you want to "cut a rug" what do you do?

Have A Twirl-Terrific Tuesday!

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