Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Million Story Directions

Happy Thursday All,

I'm late posting this because I wasn't able to schedule it ahead of time to post automatically for me. Real life keeps creeping into my writing/blogging time, but that's just the way things are right now. The good news is, I am getting writing in. Not as much or as often as I'm used to, but it's happening. That in itself is a really good thing.

The other day I talked about word-of-mouth and how important that is to authors. Yes, I can't emphasize this enough. You have no idea how incredibly powerful it is. You readers make or break our careers. I love writing and publishing and sharing my imagination with you all. It brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. It's a dream come true.

On another note, the Immortal Dreams Trilogy is completed and all 3 books are available, yet I still have Jason and Laney playing around
in my head. I guess I'm not completely ready to say goodbye to that world. Where it will lead...well, I'm not total sure, yet. I'm working on another WIP (Work In Progress)--a new series--and I really have to focus on that. That story deserves my attention. But I'm tucking the Immortals in the corner of my mind for future reference.

My WIP is definitely a story I want to complete. It has been patient while I've been immersed in the Third Realm (All's Fair In Love & Lion) and silently waiting its turn while I navigated the world of the Immortals (Immortal
Dreams Trilogy). Now it wants my attention...it wants to be completed, and the other two stories in that series deserve the same consideration.

So, what's a writer to do when he or she is being pulled in more than one story direction? One thing I do is to write up notes for the other stories, and go back to the WIP. That way the author doesn't lose the ideas, but can also keep going on the WIP.

Do you read more than one novel at a time? How do you keep each story straight?

Have A Tremendously Terrific Thursday!

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