Wednesday, February 11, 2015

To Eyre Is To Read...

Happy Wednesday Everybody,

I hope your week is going well! I've got a surprise for you...

an UNofficial blog book review!

That's right. I was not asked at all to do this review. I just up and decided I wanted to do it.

There is a whole interesting way I came across this novel:

I was invited by another author to join a Goodreads group which seems to be mostly comprised of authors who are published with Kensington Publishing Corp. They were talking about what books they were reading and I went ahead and got on the publisher's website to see the books they published. I've read some books published by them (although at first I didn't know that, I've since come to realize I've read some of the titles they've published), and recognized some of the authors' names, but I thought I would see if something jumped out at me.

In the YA Category, I came across Eve Marie Mont. I thought her story sounded interested so decided to read it.

So here's my review:

16 year old Emma Townsend is on scholarship at an exclusive private school for girls and dreads the new year. Being a reader, her is escape is in books.

When assigned a class project, she chooses Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre to read and write her essay on. As she identifies with Jane's character, a series of events sweep her out of her own world, into Jane's and she finds herself navigating the strange and emotional world that is Thornfield.

As she finds herself torn between her reality and Jane's, she has to make tough decisions and face the consequences of both.

Is Mr. Rochester all she thought he was? Is the Mr. Rochester in
her life the man she pictured, or someone entirely different? Can she figure out where she belongs before things get entirely out of hand? Can Emma handle A Breath Of Eyre, or is she in over her head?

A Breath Of Eyre by Eve Marie Mont sucked me right in. I was struck by how Eve weaves the two tales together and intrigued with the different events (how Emma's real life, mirrors what happens in the book and so forth). I liked the outcome and enjoyed this book so much, I'm planning on reading the two sequels, A Touch Of Scarlet and A Phantom Enchantment. I can hardly wait to see what journey the author takes her readers on this time.

To check out this interesting and intriguing novel, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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