Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Updates, New Releases, & More...

Happy Tuesday Everybody,

Status report:  Book Three, Immortal Love (of the Immortal Dreams Trilogy) is over halfway written. It's not yet as far along as
I'd like, but it's making progress, which is good. Unfortunately sinus/migraine headache issues, and some other stuff got in the way this past week of me getting much writing in, so I'm trying to do much better this week. I'm relieved to tell you my headaches are better.

Book Two of Immortal Dreams Trilogy:  Book Two, Astral Love, will release in the Fall of this year. From the schedule I received from my publisher it looks like some time in October (Ooo! Looks like a birthday present for moi. What do you all think?)

Facebook:  There is now a Facebook page for the Immortal Dreams Trilogy. If you "Like" the page you will be able to keep up with updates. Things that will be exclusively posted there! (Such as Teaser #2 is already posted there) and cameo appearances from characters Laney and Jason. Who knows? Maybe one of the Immortals will take over my keyboard and make an appearance. But you will need to "Like" the page to get those updates. I may even do a sneak-peek-before-big-reveal cover reveal there (that's something I still have to make a final decision about, but I'm giving it very serious consideration).  Click here to get to the Immortal Dreams Trilogy Facebook page.

Nationals:  I will NOT be at the 2014 RWA National Conference. I just can't swing it. However, I do know there will be MANY other great authors there, so if you're going, be sure to check them out.

Conference:  I'm waiting for registration for the NWHRWA's annual Lone Star Writer's Conference to open up. It's taking place the first Saturday in October. To check the details please click here. It looks like it's going to be another good one.

There are a TON of new books out there. If you're interested in the new books my publisher is releasing, check the SMP website here.

My talented critique partner, Tess St. John released Last Chance in June. To check it out, click here for Amazon, for Barnes & Noble, click here.

Author pal/critique-er/word-sprint partner/awesome person, Patti Korbet, released This Year's Love in June. To check this novel out, click here for Amazon, and for Barnes & Noble, click here.

Recently the oh-so-talented Marie Hall released Hood's Obsession (a novel connected to her Kingdom Series--it features The Big Bad
Wolf and Red Riding Hood's daughter!) To check it out on Amazon, click here. For Barnes & Noble, click here.

The amazing Christie Craig released a novel with two other authors called Three Southern Beaches, which looks like  fun. To check this novel out, click here for Amazon. For Barnes & Noble, click here.

I know I'm forgetting probably more than one person, so if you or another author you know had a novel released this year (that is from January to now) feel free to post about it in the comment section of this blog post!

**Please Remember:  All comments come to me for approval. Once I see them and approve them, they will be published and appear in the comment section. If you make a comment and it doesn't appear by the end of this week (Friday, July 25th) please send me an email about it. Doing comments this way has cut down on some of the issues this blog had in the past, it also cuts down on identical posts. Thank your for your patience and understanding**

Hope everyone has a Tremendously Totally Terrific Tuesday!

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