Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Updates, IMMORTAL DREAMS Trilogy, & More...

Happy Wednesday All,

Whew! Life has been busy. First, those 2 weeks where we were dealing with illness in the family (thank you, God, that we're well, now!) then came Immortal Dreams Book One: Divine Love's release. After that, my husband took a weekend trip up to Arkansas to visit some family and see his mother's grave (she died last year), and while he was out-of-town, the offspring and I stayed at my parents' house. And part of this week, husband has off. So my real life has been one thing after another.

Thank you to everybody who has already purchased Divine Love. I truly appreciate your support. Please, if you can, leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Also, if you enjoy it, feel free to drop me a line at this email address. I'm always glad to hear from my readers. Y'all rock!

Some big things are in the works:

I'm planning a couple of giveaways with author Patti Korbet. We're working on setting up one giveaway with other authors, which would include a Kindle copy of All's Fair In Love & Lion. Then, my hope is to do a smaller giveaway where Divine Love is the prize. I'll let you know if and when we set those up. :-)

I've got some other ideas coming up and we'll see where it all leads.

What else is going on? It's July, which means summer, but it also means that part of the Summer is already over (yeah, I know, all of you on Summer vacation do NOT want to hear that, but as a writer, I'm always having to look at what comes next) and next on the agenda is Book Two in the Trilogy, Astral Love.

Astral Love will continue the story begun in Divine Love, but it also has a closer look at Jason Magnus's past. How does he feel about what the Fates have in store for him? All that and more will be explored in Astral Love.

I'm also working on finishing Book Three, Immortal Love, which will wrap up the Trilogy, and give the deciding factor on the fate of the two worlds. New creatures will be introduced, new dangers, and more...

But if you don't read Divine Love and Astral Love, you'll be lost when Book Three comes out because each story in the Trilogy continues the tale.

The other thing I'm doing is working on figuring out when to schedule a cover reveal for Astral Love. Oh, darling readers, I love it! Okay, I love all my covers, this is true. Each one is unique and makes me happy for different reasons. What makes me smile about the cover of Astral Love? Well, I can't tell you that right now!

Meanwhile, I hope you'll hang around for the rest of the ride. I have
some things in the works and some other stuff percolating! Hang on and fasten your seat belts...this ride is far from over. :-)

Have A Wonderfully Winsome Wednesday!

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