Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh, The Christmas Tree!

Happy Tuesday All,

Yesterday I mentioned I had guest posted on Anna Kathryn Lanier's blog. In the blog post, I talked about ornaments that meant something special to me. I figured it was only fair I show you these ornaments and explain them.

Before I do that, here's our Christmas tree all set up and decorated (yes, this year's version):

The first ornament is in honor of my maternal grandfather. Grandpa died in 2004, 10 days before my birthday. He was a wonderful grandfather. Always full of stories (both true and made up), quick
to give you a $2 bill ("Never spend this and you'll never be broke.") He also was quick with a joke, which was followed by a smile and his deep, comforting chuckle. Growing up, my family had a Thanksgiving tradition called "The Turkey Contest".  After Thanksgiving meal we'd all sit at the table, and there would be jokes told. The person with the best--or sometimes even the worst--joke won and was called "The Turkey".  Grandpa won many of these. After his death, my mother gave me this ornament, and it gets a place of honor every Christmas season near the top of the tree.

The next ornament is one I didn't mention in the blog post. I put up my Christmas tree after the blog post. But this ornament is special to me. It's in honor of my mother's brother, my Uncle Jim, who died a few years ago (2 or 3 years ago).  Uncle Jim was also quick with jokes and laughter--he sometimes won the Turkey Contest, as well. Uncle Jim played guitar (as does my own father) and I remember especially him playing the Beach Boys' Sloop John B.  Uncle Jim was a wonderful man, whose memory lives on in the hearts of my aunt, and my cousins, me, my family, and other relatives. His eldest daughter was my maid of honor. So, because he loved to play the guitar, the guitar ornament represents him.

Last, but definitely not least among those special to me, is the ornament that represents my best friend, Sarah, who died earlier this year. Sarah was like a sister to me, and having her gone and facing this first Christmas without her has been rough. This ornament is the first ornament she ever gave me. It used to have a
heart that hung from the bottom and played music, but I lost that part (it could unhook).  She gave this ornament to me long before I got married and moved out of my parents' house, so it enjoyed several years on my parents' Christmas tree before coming along to my house and hanging from my tree. This year, these two fun-loving girls have a place of honor near the top for Sarah. I like to think in a sense this ornament also represents Sarah and I (although, neither of us ever was blonde LOL) and all the fun we had together.

Of course, the tree is never complete without the ornament one of my sisters gave me about 2-3 years ago that represents my character, Monroe from All's Fair In Love & Lion. As you can see, Monroe is in his lion form and gets to watch all the festivities and fun from his perch somewhat near the top of the tree. Not a bad place to get to view all the action of the season. (P.S. That heart ornament by Monroe? It's a mother ornament someone gave me a while back in honor of me being a mom, pretty cool, huh?)

And yes, the tree is covered in tinsel. To me, a Christmas tree needs tinsel to be complete. It just doesn't look the same without it.

There's no presents under the tree, just yet. I still have to wrap them and keep them hidden so that Offspring doesn't try to get a head-start on opening presents. LOL Offspring would probably hold off, but I'm a Mama who knows better than to press her luck! However, the presents will get under the tree in time to entice, at least a day or so before we actually unwrap them.

What ornaments are important to you and where do they go on your tree?

Have A Terrifically Treat-filled Tuesday!

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