Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas, News, Updates, & More...

Happy Monday One and All,

The Averie Household is in full Christmas gear-up mode. We've finished Christmas present shopping. The outside lights are up (sorry, I don't have pictures right now.  Our camera needs its batteries replaced and we ran out of the kind it uses. But once we get the batteries, I'll go out and see if I can get some pictures of them. We don't have a lot out).  Our tree has been up for a while, which has been fun--although the lights don't work on it, so next year husband has said he's going to put lights on it. Good thing we have some extra lights...hopefully we have enough. Have to find that out.

I've been enjoying The Florin Street Band's newest video/song, Winter Wonder.  I don't know how many of you remember their first song, My Favorite Time Of Year, but I loved it. It was an effort put together by Leigh Haggerwood, a singer/songwriter. He got a bunch of musicians and singers together and they dressed in Victorian era costumes. Really lovely. The songs are just so much fun.  Definitely suggest checking them out to get yourself into the Christmas Spirit.

Several authors are doing giveaways and freebies--if you're paying attention to my Twitter Feed  you'll notice I've mentioned some of them. There's some great deals this season, too, so keep those eyes and ears open. 

I mentioned on Facebook that Friday (Dec. 13th) when I went to my husband's work Christmas party I had an awesome fan experience. There was someone there who had read All's Fair In Love & Lion and really enjoyed it. This
person asked me all about my writing and future novels. It was such a great experience to interact with this fan. I appreciate each and
every one of you. Please, don't hesitate to
email me, authors love to hear from their fans, and I'm no different. Commenting on here is also most welcome (no Spam, please, though).

If you're friends with me on Facebook, you know I've sent out the first book in my new series. This series is NOT connected with All's Fair In Love & Lion. It's an entirely new story. It's geared toward the New Adult (NA) genre (typically heroes/heroines are 18-25 facing new adult situations--this is the most basic explanation I have to offer at this time). I had a blast writing this novel. It's a different feel and style than All's Fair In Love & Lion. I do plan to get back to the Third Realm and finish Loralyn's story, just be patient--I have to write the 2nd book in this new series while the characters are hanging out in my head and there might even be a 3rd book. (But Loralyn is on my mind, too!)

Updates are up on my website (News and Other Projects) so feel free to check that out, too.

Stay tuned, folks...you never know what I'll come up with.

Enjoy the rest of this preparation time. Next week is Christmas! :-)

Are you all ready for Christmas?

Have A Marvelously Merry Monday!

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