Monday, March 4, 2013

She Wants Sweet Revenge

Happy Monday/Tuesday All,

I am SO embarrassed. In all the busyness that followed my friend's death, I forgot I had an official blog review. Fortunately I remembered in time for the release date (which is Tuesday, March 5, 2013--depending on when you're reading this is either today or tomorrow).

Mystery author extraordinaire, Laura Childs is at it again, this time with a brand-new addition to her Tea Shop Mystery series...

If Theodosia Browning owner of the Indigo Tea Shop didn't have her hands full before, she does, now. As boutique owner, Delaine Dish's, maid-of-honor, she's responsible for anything and everything Delaine will come up with. Including keeping the bride-to-be calm.

However, as a storm of epic proportions brews in Charleston, and the power goes out, it looks like this wedding day will have more showers than sunshine....

Especially since nobody can find the groom.

Theodosia, being the dutiful maid of honor, goes down the hall to knock on Dougan Granville's door.

When Granville doesn't answer, she walks in to tell him it's show time...only to find the groom dead.

The discovery throws Theodosia into a tailspin of shock, whodunit, and investigating contraband.

Between all this, and Delaine declaring she wants "Sweet revenge" Theodosia has her hands full.

It's all tempest in a pot of tea, with Theodosia jugging her amateur detective status, tracking down the contraband, and helping Delaine with the grieving process, while running her cozy tea shop...will Theodosia be able to do it all before things slosh over the sides and get messy?

Pick up a copy of Sweet Tea Revenge and find out! :-)

Have A Tasteful Tuesday!

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