Monday, March 4, 2013

New Computer, Sad News, & Good News

Happy Monday All,

I apologize most profusely for the lack of attention I've given the blog lately. Two weeks ago this Wednesday one of my dear friends passed away. I've known this person for 15 years and she passed quite suddenly (cause of death is still unknown). Because I've been so close to her and her husband (I've known her husband for 17 years, and introduced them to each other), I had to help with contacting other friends and doing different things to help her husband. The wake and funeral were this past week, so I was pretty busy with that.

However, given that I have responsibilities to my husband, my offspring, and my writing, I'm now ready to get back into the swing of things, including posting more on this blog.

I've received the first round of edits from my publisher for Surreal. The title will probably be changed, but it hasn't been decided to what. Once that gets ironed out, I'll have an answer. Meanwhile, I'm going to keep the information in the margin of this blog as it is  until everything gets set up.

In light of edits, and needing to have something that works better, I got a new computer this past weekend. I'm learning my way around it and putting in things that need to be there so I can complete edits and work on the other novels. It's pretty exciting and I really like my new computer. I think it'll be very useful.

There's many other exciting things in the works and as we get closer to each item, I'll reveal them. However, in the interim, be sure to check out what's new by following me on Twitter (@WriteByBethany) or looking me up on Facebook under Bethany Averie. Hope to see you there!

Book recommendation:  Shanna Swendson's No Quest For The Wicked. I finally got it and read it. It was great! However, make sure you read all the books in there series that come before this one. :-)

Have A Marvelous Monday!


Susan M said...

Learning to use a new computer is tough. Losing a friend is tougher. Good to see you back blogging.

Bethany said...

Susan M.,

The computer part is actually mostly easy...the friend part gets easier, but I wouldn't call it easy.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting! :-)

Tonette said...

I am sorry for your loss and continue to send prayers...but yo also have exciting news! Best of luck and do keep us posted!

Bethany said...


Thank you. Yes, I am excited about the news I have waiting in the background. I'm looking forward to revealing it in the future.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting. :-)