Friday, October 5, 2012

Yay It's Friday!

Happy Friday One And All,

I'm having a pretty good day so far. The weather is mild, something I was worried about is getting resolved, I've proven to myself I could do something I was sure I wasn't going to be able to do (although that last one has me eating crow, which isn't my favorite thing, but oh well).

Today's a short post. I asked this question on Twitter (which, by the way, if you don't have an account, get one and you can see all my updates that sometimes don't make it to my blog by following me at @WriteByBethany--also, my Twitter Feed is in the margin of this blog) and all the other awesome authors I follow.

Like I was saying...

I asked this on Twitter, and I'll post it here:

What's your sweet treat weakness? 

Mine is often chocolate or cookies (sometimes candy). What's yours?

Have A Fun-Filled Friday!

FYI:  NEXT weekend is the NWHRWA Lone Star Writers' Conference...all you writers...have YOU registered? Hope so :-) Have a fabulous weekend and day, everyone!


Tonette said...

You know me, Ms.Foodie...too many, but if I had to pick ONE...probably good chocolate with real nuts... or good caramel...no, I WILL stop at that!
Have a good time!

Bethany said...


LOL sounds good!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :-)