Monday, October 1, 2012

Can You Hear The Whispers?

Posted by Bethany at October 01, 2012
Happy Tuesday All,

Hope everyone got a chance to read the review I posted yesterday.

Now, here's for the 2nd book review I have this week for you:

Welcome back to Shadowfalls! Things are busy what with the camp being turned into a students, and teachers...and a ghost.

It's the ghost that has Kylie all discombobulated...okay maybe not just the ghost, because let's face it, finding out she was a ---- (I'm leaving that blank for those who haven't read Taken At Dusk, or who haven't finished it).  is really something... and it's all well and good to know what you are, but what is the extent of her powers? Her limitations?

Never mind the fact that the ghost has ---'s face (again, leaving that blank for those who haven't read or finished Taken At Dusk, because it's important!) If it wasn't for that, the ghost would just be another ghost in a long line of ones that keep showing up wanting Kylie's help.

But beyond that, Kylie wants to reconnect with her grandfather and aunt. Not only that, there's voices calling out to Kylie from the woods. But should she obey the voices or Burnett, who has forbidden Kylie from entering the woods?

Plus, there's the little problem that Lucas, who is supposed to be her boyfriend, keeps going MIA on pack business. Then there's Derek, who up and confessed his love for Kylie, which was so not what she needed right now.

What's a girl to do?

Kylie faces some tough decisions. But, who's to say she can't kick butt while doing so? (I can't give away why I'd say "kick butt" because I think the decisions she makes in this book--book 4 of the series--are going to make the 5th book one heck of a read).

And putting all that aside...something else isn't right. One of the new teachers is just this side of creepy, and the other, seems so completely lost that Kylie's heart bleeds for him. Who is a friend and who is an enemy? And who killed the three girls Kylie keeps seeing her visions trapped beneath the earth?

Whispers At Moonrise (book 4 in C.C. Hunter's Shadowfalls series) is out TODAY will whisk you in another Shadowfalls adventure like none other. Hang on and enjoy the ride :-)

Have A Thrilling Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read this book! I love Shadow Falls!

Bethany on Tuesday, 02 October, 2012 said...


It's REALLY good. It's out today, so be sure to go pick up your copy.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting :-)

Tonette Joyce on Tuesday, 02 October, 2012 said...

No I am interested,Bethany.Sounds like a more serious version of the Ghost Girl you know the books? YA and I thoroughly enjoy them.

Bethany on Tuesday, 02 October, 2012 said...


I never read the GHOST GIRL series. But I will say, I think this book has set up the 5th one NICELY.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting :-)


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