Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paging Dr. Phang!

Happy Thursday All,


Well everybody, you're in for a rare treat. Not only is it an official blog book review day, but the author is also giving away one of her previously released books to ONE lucky person (I'll put details on how to enter near the end of the post...be sure to read them carefully!)

Kerrelyn Sparks has done it again! On March 27, 2012 you will be able to own Phineas’ story, Wanted: Undead Or Alive

In her usual good-humor fashion, Ms. Sparks immerses us in Phineas’ story…from the son of an abused mother, to desperate-for-cash, to Vamp and the “Love Doctor” we see all the many sides of Phineas.

However, those things don’t even define this vampire. Wanting to shuck his careless “Dr. Phang” image, Phineas is in search of something real and lasting. The one-night stands are meaningless. And really, who takes Dr. Love seriously? Even Phineas realizes it’s not the image he wants to portray anymore.

If only he could get werewolf princess, Brynley out of his head. Number 1, she’s irritating. Number 2, in what universe would her controlling father give Phineas, a wrong-side-of-the-tracks vampire the time of day, let alone his daughter?

No, it’s better if Phineas just continues his work on the Blardonnay commercials in hopes of helping MacKay Security and Investigation flush out self-proclaimed Queen of the Malcontents, Corky Currant.

Yet, when he and Brynley are forced together will Phineas’s head or heart win out? And, what about Bryn? Will she ever escape the clutches of her father and his plans for her?

Find out March 27, 2012 when Wanted: Undead Or Alive is released at Amazon and Amazon Kindle also at Barnes & Noble and on Barnes & Noble Nook.


Okay...now you've read the review and pre-ordered (or at least marked your calendar for March 27th) Here's a chance to win the first book Phineas is mentioned...Book 3 of Kerrelyn Sparks' Love At Stake series, Be Still My Vampire Heart.

Here's how to enter:


In your comment, tell me what vampire you'd want to meet, it can be any vampire from any author. IMPORTANT:  Please include your FIRST name and EMAIL ADDRESS. If you do NOT include a first name and an email address you will NOT be entered (the winner will be contacted by email).

*Keep in mind comments are published manually by me--that means when you leave a comment here it won't show up in the comment section until I've pushed the "publish" button. The reason it's set up this way is because people were having trouble with Blogger not publishing their comments, so I changed the settings and there's been almost no trouble since (I can't remember the last time a person had trouble commenting on here since I've changed the settings to post comments this way). If you don't see your comment up within 2-3 hours commenting, please send me an email at bethany.averie@yahoo.com


Send an email to me, Bethany, at bethany.averie@yahoo.com make sure you receive a reply from me so you know you've been entered. If you don't receive a reply within 2-3 hours of emailing me, resend your entry. IMPORTANT:  Please include your first name and what email address I can reply to, since the winner will be contacted by email.

GIVEAWAY will close at 11 p.m. Central Time TONIGHT (Thursday, March 22, 2012). Any entries received AFTER 11:00 p.m. Central Time March 22, 2012 will NOT be entered. 

Regarding International entries, I'll check with Kerrelyn (Thank you for your patience).  **UPDATE 10:22 a.m. (3/22/2012):  INTERNATIONAL ENTRIES WELCOME. SAME ENTRY RULES APPLY.**

Best wishes to everyone! Have fun.

Have A Thrilling Thursday!


mrs z said...

I would want to meet Acheron from the Dark Hunter series. He's a vampire and so much more.
I have already pre-ordered Wanted: Undead or Alive and can't wait. Love the series. <3 <3


Phyllis M said...

Well, I am a real sucker (geesh, no pun intended) for tortured bad boys and 2 come to mind that I would love to meet. First, Chase, from Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed and second, Zane from Tina Folsom's Scanguard Vamps! If only... :)

Ooops...forgot name n email

Lynne said...

I would love to meet Roman! He just sounds so sexy and hot. Of course, if I think about it all of them in Spark's books are sexy and hot! I would not be unsatisfied with any of them


June M. said...

I would love to meet Angus from Kerrelyn's series. He is a sexy, Scottish vampire, with years of experience at leaving women "verra satisfied". He and Robbie are probably my faves from this series.

I can't wait to get a copy of Dr. Phang's story. I am so jealous of everyone who has had an opportunity to read this already.

manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com
(it is a j after the _ ---- kind-of hard to tell sometimes)

RM Brand said...

Love, love, LOVE the blog title. lol

Thanks for posting this! Now I have some new books to add to my library.


Bethany said...

Mrs. Z--I think you'll really enjoyed WANTED: UNDEAD OR ALIVE. I know I did! I haven't read DARK HUNTER series. Who writes them? Thank you for stopping by. I have you entered :-)

PHYLLIS M.--I saw both your comments...I published the one with your email b/c that's the entry one. I haven't read Lara Adrian or Tina Folsom--there are so many incredible authors out there, it's sometimes hard to get to all of them LOL. Thank you for dropping by. You're entered :-)

Lynne--Roman is very cool! Thank you for stopping by. I have you entered :-)

June M. March 27th isn't that far away, so you don't have long to be jealous! Angus is also a very cool vamp--actually I think pretty much all of them are, but I have my faves--I like Roman, but even more than that I like Gregori best and Phineas is up there, too. Thank you for stopping by. I have you entered :-)

Bethany said...

RM Brand--LOL I'm glad you liked it! I sat there thinking "What should I call this? What should I call this?" then I finally came up with it. I'm not sure...were you trying to enter, because if you were, I need an email address to enter you in the giveaway.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Johanna R Jochum said...

Tough question! LOL! I would love to meet Jean-Luc from the Love at Stake series and maybe some of the brothers from the BDB by J.R. Ward but they might be a bit scary for me! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us today! I can't wait for Wanted: Undead or Alive! My calender is has been marked for months!

Johanna J

Bethany said...


I forgot to mention about Kerrelyn's book launch party. Katy Budget Books in Houston, Texas. This weekend she'll be in Virgina--check her Facebook page for details.

Jean-Luc is awesome. Hee hee, I laughed out loud reading THE UNDEAD NEXT DOOR...although, I usually laugh out loud reading Kerrelyn's books. She's got a great sense of humor.

Thank you for dropping by and I have you entered :-)

Anonymous said...

You know, the vampire that I would probably want to meet the most would be Louis from Interview with a Vampire. I LOVE Kerrelyn's vamps and they are fabulous, but Louis was probably the deepest character I have ever read about (and let's face it ladies, if he looks like Brad Pitt, I'm in!!)


Bethany said...


A lot of people really like Louis. I never read Anne Rice, but I respect her talent and success. She's very imaginative and creative and I have to admire that!

Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered :-)

KhelseyJackson said...

Hello!! I would choose Jean Claude from the Anita Blake series :D

andieleah said...

I would like to meet Zsadist of JR Ward's BDB!!!!


Bethany said...

Khelsey--I haven't read Anita Bank! Like I said...there's SO MANY talented authors...hard to keep up sometimes...but that's a fun thing: finding new gems and seeing old friends in bookstores and libriaries. Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered :-)

AndieLeah -- A lot of people have mentioned JR Ward to me. I've seen her around, I just haven't really sat down and read her work, yet. But it looks like she's very talented! Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered :-)

NoraA said...

I'd have to say that my favorite fang banger would be Bones from the Night Huntress series. He's got a certain kind of humor that is like my own. LOL Mwa Haa Haaaa

So yeah, I'd definitely want to meet him one day and hang out.



Brittany said...

It's a tie for me between Angus from Be Still my vampire Heart (I love scottish vamps XD) and Mencheres from the Night Huntress series, there's just something about about him that make me swoon. *sighs dreamily while daydreaming about the hot Egyptian vampire*


Bethany said...

Nora A. -- I've never read the NIGHT HUNTRESS series. Who are they by? Thank you for dropping by, I've got you entered :-)

Brittany -- Like I told Nora, I've never read the NIGHT HUNTRESS--who are they by? Yep, I like Angus, too...but he's not my favorite of Kerrelyn Sparks vampires--my fave is Gregori! Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered :-)

Cindy said...

First and foremost, Roman and Angus from Kerrelyn's series. I also love Acheron from the Dark Hunter series, and Tohrment from Midnight Breed. All wonderful authors, but Kerrelyn mixes just the right amount of humor in hers to make us laugh with the tears and cheers. Love you, Kerrelyn!!
Cindy - ladypanda654@cox.net

Bethany said...


Sounds like fun series. Who are the authors of the 2 series you mentioned?

Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered :-)

Amy2read said...

I would love to meet Jerry from Real Vampires Have Curves, love a man in a kilt :)and he's got great taste in women.

Amy M

Bethany said...

Amy M.,

Those books look like fun! I really need to have a look at them.

Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered :-)

nikkitrueblue said...

There are so many vampires I have loved reading their stories but out of the Love At Stake Series, I have to go with Robby McKay! He is my favorite next to Ian. For those of us who started out in the romance genre in love with all those Highlander novels, Robby is the hybrid of all those beloved men in kilts and he still wears his so it's a win win!

Nikki Noffsinger


ladiemarci said...

For me it's a toss-up between Robby in The Vampire and The Virgin, and Jean Claude in the Anita Blake series. Anita Blake is a Vampire Hunter and necromancer. Jean Claude is the Master of the City.
Love all the Love At Stake books. Just the right combination of humor, romance, and action.

Bethany said...


Yep, Robby does wear his kilt and so does Angus. Angus makes me laugh about it, too--making sure when he teleports his whole body makes it.

Thank you for stopping by, you're entered :-)

Bethany said...


I haven't read Anita Blake, but I've seen her name mentioned on here off and on when the subject of vampires comes up. Sounds like she's a very talented writer.

Thank you for stopping by, you're entered :-)

catslady said...

I just finished Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian and I would love to meet Lucan -one of the original vampires :)


Bethany said...


Sounds good!

Thank you for stopping by, I've got you entered :-)

Rene said...

I would love to meet my first vampire love, Jean Claude from Anit blake books, but then I got to thinking and compared to others I have read later, he is scary and doesn't mind sharing. Then I thought of Angus Mackay, my newest favorite, next to Conor (so deep).
So, I choose Angus. Why, He's older so he know what he likes, very masculine, beter to wrap me in his arms and keep me safe. Love a Scotsman (don't tell my Irish husband). Nothing sexier than a man in a kilt with long red hair. Wow. I had great dreams about him.
Thanks for the contest.
Irene Donovan

Bethany said...


Good news! I've heard of Irish men wearing a kilt, so it's not only a Scottish thing.

Thank you for stopping by, I've got you entered :-)

Tonette said...

I just found a copy of "Must Love HellHounds"...
I would want to meet ANY vampire, in the daytime, with Von Helsing by my side!

Bethany said...

Hey Tonette,

Glad you were able to make it by!

Are you entering the giveaway? If you are, please provide an email address.

Thank you for the comment :-)

Minnie Medina said...

Hi Name's Mineliz.

I would LOVE to meet Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, Rehvenge from JR Ward's BDB series and/or Angus from Mrs. Kerrelyn Sparks own Love at Stake.


Jet said...

OOoo it's so hard to choose! I'd have to pick Tohrment I think from J.R. Ward's BDB series.


Bethany said...


Yeah, Sherrilyn Kenyon is a very talented author and I've heard good things about JR Ward.

Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered for the giveaway :-)

Bethany said...


I've heard good things about JR Ward.

Thank you for stopping by, I have you entered in the giveaway :-)

Michelle said...

I would like to meet Eric or Pam from the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris..They both seem like they are HAWT!

chellebee66 at gmail dt com

Anonymous said...

I like to go with the moment so I'd like to meet any of the vamps from Kerrelyn's books; but I think most of all I'd go for the Scottish older branch. Maybe Angus and crew in a bunch!


Bethany said...


Yeah, Harris' vampires have been mentioned several times today. Sounds like she's got a very good series!

Thank you for stopping by, I've got you entered in the giveaway

Bethany said...


Kerrelyn's vampires are certainly fun!

Thank you for stopping by, I've got you entered in the giveaway

Linda said...

Any of the vampires in Sherrilyn's books, they have the right amount of sauve, romance, and humor to make an ideal man.

Ryan Vukmanovic said...

I'd have to say I'd like to meet Angus and share a glass of Scotch and tales of wooed women. But anyway, can always use another good read. My email is wilfred_owen18931918@yahoo.com

Bethany said...


Thank you for your comments and for stopping by.

If you want to enter the giveaway, please either email me (bethany.averie@yahoo.com) your email address or post it on here. I cannot enter you without it.

Thank you :-)

Debby said...

I would like to meet Jean Claude from Anita Blake.
Debby236 at gmail dot com

Bethany said...


Hmmm I don't know if they have vampire fusion of Scotch, yet (vampire fusion cuisine is sythetic blood mixed with a flavor). I wonder what they would call that!

But Angus would be fun to meet.

Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered in the giveaway :-)

Bethany said...


Anita Blake has been mentioned several times. Looks like I'll have to check her out!

Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered in the giveaway :-)

Gwen said...

I'd like to meet Barnabas Collins, yeah, I'm that old.

Bethany said...


I doubt you're OLD. I got a theory about age: "You're only old if you think you're old." LOL

Thank you for dropping by, I have you entered in the giveaway :-)

Cindy said...

The author of the Dark Hunter series is Sherrilyn Kenyon, and the Midnight Breed series is written by Lara Adrian. Of course, J R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood is excellent, too.

Bethany said...


Thank you! I read that in another comment and now I feel silly for not remembering because I have actually read some of Sherrilyn Kenyon's work!

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...

****GIVEAWAY PORTION OF THE POST IS NOW CLOSED. I am NOT accepting anymore entries. Thank you to all who participated and thank you to Kerrelyn Sparks for donating the prize!****

Brittany said...

Bethany- The Night Huntress series is written by Jeaniene Frost. I don't know if someone said that after my post or not so I decided to comment back and let you know : ]

Bethany said...


Thank you so much! Yes, someone did let me know, but that's sweet of you to come back. Feel free to return anytime and hang out in this little corner of the internet.

Thank you for dropping by :-)