Thursday, March 8, 2012

Being MIA...

Happy Thursday All,

I'm not posting much these past couple of days (not sure about Friday, yet), the reason is I caught the illness offspring had. I'm doing better today--slowly improving and hoping to add more food. It's some sort of viral stomach bug and I don't wish it on anyone. It's not fun.

Offspring is much better and my husband has won the Husband Of The Year award for his help this past Sunday when Offspring came down with it, and then his help yesterday and today when I came down with it. I'm very blessed and lucky to have a husband with a strong stomach--mine isn't--and he cleans up yucky stuff without batting an eyelash.

Other than that I've been taking it easy. Today I'm still sort of weak, but trying to see if I can spend more time out of the bed (back is killing me from being so much in the bed). Yesterday I didn't do much besides sleep, eat a few crackers, drink some fluid, talk to a couple of people on the phone and go to the bathroom. Today I'm able to eat some crackers and sit on the couch. I'm hoping to stay awake a bit more today so that I sleep better tonight.

But I am getting better and I expect to be much better tomorrow. So, if I don't get to post on Friday, hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Have A Tip-Top Thursday!

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