Monday, September 26, 2011

What's Your POV?

Happy Monday Everyone,

This past weekend the illustrious Christie Craig gave a special workshop to the Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America, which, I'm proud to say I'm a member of this awesome group. The workshop was called "High Tea & POV" although, I don't know how many people actually consumed tea (I had water), but we sure listened in rapt attention as Christie talked about getting into your character's heads.
In fact...that's precisely what POV is. POV--point of view. Which character is telling the story? Is it your heroine? Then you see, feel, hear, smell, taste, experience intuition and thoughts of that character.

These are things that I've talked about with my C.P. but I'm not always consciously aware of them while I'm writing. When I'm writing I'm imaging how the character reacts based on what I know about the character. I'm reacting and visualizing. When I go back and edit I'm looking at the dialogue and thoughts and saying to myself, "Now would so-and-so really say it that way? Is that really their character?"

Christie made POV accessible. I had no trouble understanding what she had to say. I don't know if it's because my CP and I have talked about POV or if because I subconsciously knew some of what she had to say (or both). Either way, she made POV something you could grasp and understand. She made it make sense.

By the way...tomorrow Kerrelyn Sparks' Sexiest Vampire Alive comes out! I've been waiting and waiting for this novel. I love Gregori--he's my favorite character out of her Love At Stake series.

Another thing to note about this week:  I am going to be doing another giveaway! I have a SIGNED copy of Christie Craig's Don't Mess With Texas. I don't know which day I'm giving it away, yet, so don't be a stranger.

So, what about you? Is POV something you grasp or something you're still trying to understand?

Have A Marvelous Monday!


Anonymous said...

I have POV down; I think it's easiest to do third-person, difficult to keep the story going first-person,(one POV), difficult to stay in character for several POV's.
I 'm glad you had a great time. I am really tied-up this week, but I will try to check in.
Take care,

Bethany said...


That's good you got POV down! Thanks for dropping by and if you can't check in later in the week, no worries, I won't hold it against you :-)