Monday, September 12, 2011

A Moment Of Reflection & The Week's Plans Teaser

Happy Monday All,

Yesterday brought back memories of how surreal 9/11 felt when it happened. At the time I was working as a clerk for an insurance adjusting firm. An insurance adjuster came by my cubicle and was announcing to everyone "Terrorists hit the Pentagon! There's talk they're headed for Houston!" Immediately this weird sense of "What do we do now? Are we in danger?" came over me. I remember watching the TV wondering how this could happen. It didn't seem real and it didn't seem possible. 

It was strange and sad. We suffered a real blow, and reeled from it. But we've been resilient. The people of NYC banned together and helped each other in ways you don't always see happen in a big city. Ordinary people stepped up to the plate and said, "I'm here and I'll help you." Yes, police officers and firefighters are definite heroes. They answer the call of duty every day and I'm extremely grateful to them. But the one thing 9/11 showed us and what every disaster we've faced as a Nation is that when we are threatened, we get together and we work together and things improve. Not just the ones who have the jobs of firefighters and police officers, but also ordinary every day folks.

I hope, as a Nation, the USA will always remember that when we work together we accomplish great things.

This week I have a couple of fun things planned:

1.  Robin Badillo has an e-book coming out on September 15, 2011 called Flesh Wounds--a contemporary adult romance. This story looks intriguing and Robin has sent me some information that I will post later in the week.

2.  I'm all set for an author interview. The author sent back the answers the interview questions. I'll be posting that this week as well.

What's your plans for this week?

Have A Marvelous Monday!

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