Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Posted by Bethany at October 05, 2010
Happy Tuesday Everybody,

First of all, reminder:  Laura Childs' new Scrapbooking Mystery, Fiber & Brimstone comes out TODAY. I reviewed this book yesterday. Check here for details.

Now onto the current topic:

Earlier today I finished reading Kerrelyn Sparks' new Love At Stake book (released at the end of September), Eat Prey Love centering around her character, Carlos Panterra.

For those of you who have been reading the series and don't know the truth about Carlos, I will warn you the following is rampant with spoilers regarding what Carlos truly is (if the title of this post didn't give it away).

Carlos is a were-panther in search of a proper female were-panther mate. Since his species is endangered, he feels its his responsibility to find the right woman to help him repopulate and be a mother to his adopted children.

What Carlos didn't bargain for was meeting Shanna Draganesti's sister, Caitlyn Whelan. It's love at first sight (or is that lust at first sight?)

Cait doesn't know what Carlos is at first, but after finding out she's warned to stay away from him. If Carlos should bite her the shift might kill her.

Unfortunately for Carlos, his plans to avoid Caitlyn (and temptation) are completely thwarted when she joins McKay Security & Investigation and he has to train her. You see, Caitlyn has no aim. Anytime Caitlyn's bullet hits the paper target or her knife hits the straw man, it's right smack dab in the man's groin. Fortunately, these men aren't real. But still, she was aiming for the chest. Apparently that doesn't seem to matter. She manages to hit the target there each time she even hits it at all.

Carlos figures the best way to accomplish both his goals (a mate and avoiding Caitlyn) is to take a trip to Thailand to follow a lead concerning the possibility of other were-panthers. What he didn't bet on was Caitlyn using her unique abilities to be able to accompany him on his trip.

How will either of them survive the trip with the passion sizzling between them and the wild beast lurking in the shadows?

Once again, Kerrelyn takes you on an adventure through the unpredictable world of paranormal and love.

To purchase one of Kerrelyn's books you can go to any of the following places (although, I found my copy at a grocery store, so you can try there, as well):

Barnes & Noble



Have A Tantalizing Tuesday!


Shannon O'Donnell on Tuesday, 05 October, 2010 said...

Fun review! I may have to pick this one up. :-)

Bethany on Tuesday, 05 October, 2010 said...


I really like her characters, the funny moments and the storylines. She does a good job of making you care about what happens and about the character. Also, I end up laughing out loud in the process. Thank you for dropping by and supporting Kerreyln :-)

Christie Craig on Wednesday, 06 October, 2010 said...

Great review, Bethany. I love Kerrelyn.


Kerrelyn Sparks on Wednesday, 06 October, 2010 said...

Awww, I love you, too, Christie! LOL Thanks for the fabulous review, Bethany!

Bethany on Wednesday, 06 October, 2010 said...


Thanks and thanks for dropping by...always good to see you around :-)

Bethany on Wednesday, 06 October, 2010 said...


Not a problem...it made me laugh out loud and even though it sometimes earns me a raised eyebrow from my husband, I love your characters, storylines and humor :-)


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