Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frog Princes, Editing & Baseball

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Some people are looking over Surreal and they've got some great suggestions.

I got my hair done yesterday (yes, even authors need a haircut every now and again, as long as our characters are willing to give us a chance to get it done). I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the haircut. I told my hairdresser about Surreal and he was very interested. I also gave him one of my author business cards. (Hey, you never know--he could end up telling one of his customers about my stories one day).

Early this morning I finished reading Jane Heller's The Secret Ingredient a chick-lit mixed with suspense...and a little magic (or was that just herb mixture?) 

The storyline follows Elizabeth Baskin, a lady who works for a hospitality company that rates high end hotels. The highest rating they can give a hotel is 5 key. A 5-key rating is coveted because it means more business. Unfortunately, Elizabeth's married life isn't so great. 6 years and Roger just isn't the man he used to be. Where did the romantic hero from their first meeting go? Why isn't he as tidy and well dressed as he once was? Why isn't he interested in her and what she has to say? He isn't cheating, Elizabeth is sure of that, but something isn't right. After complaining to her sister, Elizabeth gets the name and number of a life enhancement doctor and through a bit of imagination (and lying) ends up with an appointment. She meets the illustrious Dr. Farkus who gives her "stud stimulant"--a powder she's to put into her husband's orange juice. Without telling Roger what's going on, she puts the herb powder into his drink and before long he's acting like a new man. He's singing an old disco tune she hasn't heard in years, calling her "Lizzie" (which hasn't happened since they first married), and wanting her all the time. Life's great for awhile. That is, until Roger becomes too preoccupied with being perfect and with Elizabeth being perfect. To make matters worse, Elizabeth's job is suffering, there's a disgruntled ex-hotel employee sending her threatening letters and her husband's more distant than he was before. Suddenly Elizabeth realizes she wants the real Roger back. But Dr. Farkus has disappeared, taking the antidote with him. Now the cops are involved, Elizabeth has seen the inside of a jail cell, Roger's still clueless and out all hours of the night. What's a wife to do?

I went to Jane Heller's site because I just enjoyed the story so much. I liked her website, but I found out She's a Yankees fan. Okay, let me explain. I have family members who are Yankee fans. I'm just not a fan of the Yankees. Because I'm a fan of a different team:

You see, Texas has 2 teams, the Rangers and the Astros. I follow the Astros, but they didn't have a very good season. I have a sister and brother-in-law who are ardent Yankee fans, and so I'm feeling a bit disloyal saying this, but I was cheering for the Twins last night. My husband, also a disloyal family member (at least when it comes to the Yankees) was also cheering for the Twins. We both agreed that the Yankees have had a lot of wins and that it was someone else's turn to get to the World Series. Since the Twins haven't in awhile we figured they are due. I also thought it might be cool to have the Twins and Phillies play each other in the World Series. (I have friends who are Twins fans and friends who are huge Phillies fans, so either way, it would be a win for me no matter which team won).

I'm disappointed to learn the Yankees won last night, but perhaps the Twins will win the next game. As long as the Twins put up a good fight and don't get swept we can call it an exciting match up.

The one and only time the Astros made it to the World Series they lost. I had a feeling they would (they just barely won the pennant). But we're hoping next season is better. I miss the "Killer B's" but there's not much you can do. Biggio needed to retire (he's now working at a couple of friends' of mine high school alma mater as the head baseball coach), Bagwell's shoulder forced his retirement, and Lance Berkman is on the Yankees (at least, that's what that website that I linked to his name says).

Baseball and Figure Skating are the two sports I'm most into. My mom used to do figure skating and I have a friend who once figure skated professionally. I never figure skated, but I took ballet for a few years and figure skating does have some movements very like ballet.

In any case, it's a pretty exciting time around here. October cold fronts have taken the temperatures down out of the 90's and we've had 80 degree weather with very low humidity (now you understand one of the reasons I LOVE Fall and Winter). In the summer in Texas, you have to be prepared to be hot, hot, hot for several months. In the Fall and Winter there's a chance you might see 20 degree weather. Now that's nothing compared to what my Michigan relatives and Maryland Relatives see, but it's nice when you live down South. The way I look at it is, you can always bundle up, but in the summer there's only so much you can take off!

Hope all is well on everyone else's end.

Have A Thousand Thrills Thursday!

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