Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Couldn't Do It Without You

There's so much that goes into writing and publishing. When writing, there's a combination of all the knowledge, experience, imagings, etcetera into just putting the words upon the page--formulating the story and characters. I can't even begin to go into what a big subject publishing is--I sometimes wonder if I've even begun to scratch the surface. It's quite vast.

However, most writers have some kind of support system. And that goes for me, as well. You know who you are! Family, friends, fellow writers I've talked to (whether published or not)--even teachers I've had. You're the ones on the sidelines saying "Go Bethany! You can do it!" (Which puts me in mind of the Home Depot commerical, but anyway...) This includes my husband (my son does in his own way, as well). The list is long and I am so blest to have all of you "in my corner".

You're the ones who remind me of my dream of doing this. Regardless of what happens, you're the ones who buoy me when I'm sinking into the "What am I thinking?" blues. You read bits and pieces of dialogue, scenes, listen when I read aloud what I wrote and give me your honest feedback. (And the more honest you are, the more helpful you are).

So, this posting is for you. To applaud YOU and thank you for everything. It means the world to me.

Give yourself a pat on the back!

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