Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, I've signed up to attend a writer's conference this fall. Hopefully my application for it will be accepted and everything. I was very excited to find something that I could get to. It should be interesting and very helpful to my writing. Maybe I'll meet some published writers that can give me some tips. Everything I've read says that networking is a very good thing for a writer to do, so I'm hoping that I'll have that oportunity. I would like to.

Seriously working on my writing and researching publishing has shown me a whole world that I didn't know much about, but I am learning it's huge and has many facets. It also has a lot of interesting things about it. I was glad to find out in some of my research that I already knew some of the things they say to do or not to do. That was comforting that I wasn't completely ignorant!

Anyway, time to finish breakfast and on with my day! Have a good day :-)

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