Thursday, November 5, 2020

Wooo-hoo, Updates!

Posted by Bethany Averie, author at November 05, 2020

 Happy Thursday Darling Readers!

It's been a while since I last updated and there are plenty of things to mention. I'm still trying to figure out the new template I'm using on this blog. The template came with some options I don't even use, so ignore them (I'm talking about the link options that don't go anywhere). My website is still being worked on and figured out--lots of things have gotten in the way of getting that completely up and running, but it is on my mind. 

I've been writing! Yes, yes, I have! For months now I've been working on a new story (no connection to my Immortal Dreams series or the out-of-print, All's Fair In Love & Lion). I can't tell you where I am with the story because I keep pretty mum about the process until I have specific news. But I am writing and I am editing and I am working on query stuff.

The Author Encounter has been taking quite a bit of my time (but yes, I have been working on all the stuff I mentioned above). But, things are progressing there. Some people have asked about what the company does. So, here's the break-down as best as I can give it:  it's a company that does promotion and engagement. What does that mean? Well, if you're a reader it means attending uniquely themed events (no two events are exactly the same--even if it's an interview series like the one I'm starting on November 13th called Behind The Page: Industry Interviews with Bethany Averie) and we're working on membership perks and things like that for readers/unpublished authors/reviewers. For authors, it's like having a promotion company, but with a twist: we're built upon engagement and interest in our different events, so authors get info on upcoming events and get to say if they want to be featured or make suggestions for events. (I'm sure I've missed a detail somewhere. My business partner is better at explaining it than I am!) We also have what's called a "Supporter" option. That's for businesses like editors, publishers, agents, etc. who have a business they want to promote to our members that are specific to writing and publishing. We're pretty niched on what genres we'll accept and promote (because we know what we're good at and what we're not) but we're hoping to grow and offer more in the future.

The Author Encounter is hosting Indie Author Day on Saturday, November 7, 2020. Registration is free and required. https://theauthorencounter/indie-author-day/ is the link to check it out. The workshop I did with my narrator was recorded and will be available on that day to watch.

Both Divine Love and Astral Love are now out-of-print. I won't go into the details, but the contract with my publisher wasn't renewed. However, I'm working on re-issuing Divine Love and will be working to re-issue Astral Love, as well. Divine Love is still available in audiobook format, though through Audible, Amazon, and I believe, iTunes, and I highly, highly, highly recommend getting it even if you've already read the E-book (or paperback) because my narrator, Chris J. Hudson, is AH-MAZE-ING! I do hope one day to have all the Immortal Dreams books out in audiobook format, but right now that's not possible for a variety of reasons. But, don't lose heart, I keep working on trying to figure it out with Chris and he said it's not an unlikely thing, it just isn't possible for us to do right now.

Other than that, it's normal life in the Averie Household. Offspring things to do, and I also continue to be wife to my husband. It's wonderful to have Averie Cat as my furry companion/furry shadow. I'm grateful to God for all of them and for my family and friends. And of course, you dear readers. I do my writing and re-issuing the series FOR YOU! You keep me writing and doing this, so thank you so much. Your support means the absolute world to me.

Have A Thrillingly Terrific Thursday!



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