Friday, October 21, 2016

Your Presence Is Requested At The Midnight Hour....

Posted by Bethany at October 21, 2016
Happy Friday All,

Before you go off on your exciting weekend adventures, I've got an official blog book review for you all:

Author C.C. Hunter signing the first Shadow Falls book,
Born At Midnight at an event celebrating
Born At Midnight's release
Fans of C.C. Hunter’s Shadow Falls series-- the long awaited end to the highly imaginative series has arrived in the form of our favorite dyslexic witch's story.

The gang returns for one last adventure in Fallen, Texas. Miranda and her half-sister, Tabitha, visit the house of a fortune-telling witch, only to almost be blown to smithereens. Rushed to the hospital, they find out that while they’re going to live, a strange tattoo has taken up residence on Miranda, and climbs up her arm and covers her, only to disappear at some points and reappear at other times.
Besides that, Miranda is riding the emotional roller coaster that is her family dynamics, romantic highs and lows, and unless she can raise her SAT scores, facing a future without her two best friends, chameleon, Kylie and vampire, Della.

While all this is going on, Shawn the warlock, and Perry the shapeshifter are vying for Miranda’s affections. Shawn, while working with the FRU, works to keep Miranda and her sister safe, and Perry tries his best to spend time with Miranda while walking a dangerous line uncovering the facts of why his parents abandoned him.

Perry finds out is his parents are entrenched in a massive crime organization that the shapeshifter vows to take down. That is, if he can convince a certain FRU agent not take him off the case.

And Shawn? Shawn is having a bad day. A girl, who may or may not be a victim, beats the heck out of him and the poor guy faces the razzing of his fellow agents (namely a certain werewolf sweet on Kylie and Della’s vampire sweetheart).

Life is never boring when you’re a supernatural being.

The action-packed, suspense-filled Midnight Hour--the conclusion to the bestselling series--will hit shelves on October 25th. Preorder by October 24th to get your hands on C.C. Hunter’s special Kylie-Lucas story, Fighting Back. You can preorder at Amazon and also preorder at Barnes & Noble.

Have A Fantastically Fabulous Friday!



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