Monday, November 17, 2014

What's On The Horizon...

Happy Tuesday All,

I know these posts have been so sporadic lately and I apologize. Still pretty busy. Here's what's up:

Book Three is coming along. I'm nearing the end and a part of me is going "Hurry, hurry, hurry!" and another part is going "Wait, I'm REALLY not finished writing that novel? HOW is that possible?" It feels like I've been working on it for longer than I have been. But yes, this will mark the last chapter (or rather, novel) of Laney and Jason's story. Hopefully you all will enjoy it. Book Three certainly doesn't cease with exciting battles, and brand new characters. Yes, I made a point of introducing new characters in each novel on purpose. Which, has been a lot of fun.

What else is up with Book Three? Well, I've got an impending cover reveal in store for you all. Yes, that's coming up in early December. And oh my gosh this cover is beautiful. Okay, ALL the book covers I've gotten for my novels are beautiful. Fiona Jayde does incredible work. You can check out her website here.

Another really cool thing that is coming up is a very special blogpost I have planned. I'll reveal the subject of the blogpost on the day I post it.

So okay, darling readers, you tell me:  What's your favorite Thanksgiving food BESIDES Turkey? I like whole berry cranberry sauce, but I'm not really fond of having orange in it. I also like Sweet Potatoes the way one of my sisters makes them. I don't know what she does--maybe brown sugar and candied walnuts or something, but YUM! So what's your favorite Thanksgiving food that isn't turkey?

Have A Tremendously Terrific Tuesday!

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