Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's My Birthday, So I'm Doing A Giveaway...

Happy Wednesday Everybody,

Also, happy my birthday to you all! It's a beautiful, sunshiny day outside. Weather report says it's 75 degrees out (I wish that was 65 degrees or lower--but not bitter cold; and no snow or ice. LOL) but the weather doesn't listen to me. (How rude, LOL!)

PLEASE NOTE AS OF 10/17/2014 10:00 PM Central Standard Time this contest is now CLOSED. I am NOT accepting any more entries. Thank you!

I know it's customary for the birthday person to receive gifts on his/her birthday, however, since it's MY day I'm going to shake things up a bit. I'm going to GIVE something away to you, my darling readers, instead!

Please read the details below VERY CAREFULLY! I repeat
VERY CAREFULLY. I'm emphasizing "very carefully" because if you're anything like me, you embarrassingly misread something in a giveaway rules section and ended up feeling stupid that you didn't read them carefully, so I'm trying to spare you all that embarrassment by emphasizing the READ VERY CAREFULLY.


Here are the details:

The giveaway is open to USA Citizens ONLY. The times on the giveaway are CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, so even if it's 3pm on Thursday in one place, if it's not 3pm Thursday Central Standard Time, then it's not 3pm Thursday for the giveaway. Make sense?

So here's how to enter:

1.  LEAVE A COMMENT in the comment section. NOTE: ALL COMMENTS COME TO ME BEFORE THEY APPEAR ON THE BLOG. I have to approve them. This is because there have been problems with commenting in the past and this has made those problems less of an issue. If you don't see your comment right away, it's because I haven't gotten to it. If you don't see it an hour before the contest ends, email me.

COMMENTS FOR ENTRY:  Your comment MUST contain the following:  Your FIRST name,  your email address and the answer to the giveaway question (which will be posted at the end of this post). If you miss ANY of these, I can't count your entry. ***No profanity or sexually explicit comments, please. I don't have a warning page on this blog. If you include any of those (even as a joke) I will delete your post and disqualify you from the contest.***

2.  ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BEFORE 10:00 PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME FRIDAY, October 17, 2014 (after 10 PM on Oct. 17th I will close the contest and will NOT accept any more entries). There will be ONE winner. The winner will be announced on Monday, October 20th.


BLURB:  Laney Alberts should be enjoying her senior year of high school. Instead, she’s mourning the death of her beloved father—her hero. Even after a year without him, she still feels directionless. 

Things take a complete one-eighty when she literally walks into Jason Magnus, the hot, new guy at school. He’s different from anyone she has ever met, and intrigues her in ways she never guessed possible. 

But, there’s more to Jason than Laney realizes. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s thrown into the world of Immortals. To prevent a goddess bent on world domination from destroying both the human and Immortal worlds, Laney and Jason must embrace the Fates’ destiny for them. 

Human and Immortal collide in this, the first of the Immortal Dreams Trilogy.

*If you don't have a Kindle, please email me, and we'll see if we can work something out. (Again, this giveaway is open to USA Citizens ONLY).

****HERE'S THE GIVEAWAY QUESTION (the question you MUST answer in the comments in order to enter):
Which myth (whether Greek, Roman, African, whatever mythology you go for) is your favorite and WHY? It can be an American Legend, but it has to NOT be TRUE (that means it has to be FICTION).  (Note: If the reality or non-reality of the story has yet to be dis-proven that's different--however, NO CONSPIRACY THEORIES!) NOTE:  Please give a brief overview what the myth is about. Thanks!****

So that's it:  Your first name, your email address, and the answer to the above question in the comment section of THIS post is all you need to do to enter.

Have A Wonderfully Whimsical Wednesday!


Shauna Allen said...

Happy Birthday, Bethany! I don't know of any myths off the top of my head, but that's OK! I wish you a blessed day anyhow! Hugs, Shauna

Bethany said...


Thank you for the wishes. Not providing a myth just means you're not entering the contest, which is fine. You could also look up some myths--there's all kinds...fairy-tales, legends...CASEY AT BAT is an American one. BEAUTY & THE BEAST is a French fairy-tale--and fairy-tales are types of mythology. :-)

Thank you for dropping by and for the birthday wishes. :-)

Anonymous said...

My favorite myth is the original Clash of the Titans. The original is very cheesy but a classic!! LOL..


Anonymous said...

my favorite fable is probably the lion and the mouse where the lion let's the mouse go and the mouse in turn helps the lion. It doesn't matter our size, or who are enemies are "supposed" to be, we are called to love and care for one another.
Hopen your day was great
♡ Jessica

Bethany said...


Good message and good fable/myth! You're all set. Thank you for coming by and I'm celebrating at least all week LOL :-)

Bethany said...


Good choice! Keeping in with the whole Greek Mythology--awesome. You're all set. Thank you for dropping by. :-)

Anonymous said...

Margaret, mthomas86969@aol.com One of my favorite Germam? myths is the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretal. The children get lost in the woods, Gretal drops bread crumbs to leave a trail so that they can follow it, an evil witch kidnaps the children, but at the end of the tale, good triumphs over evil and the children get away.

Dale Ibitz said...

I'm going with Greek mythology. Something about all those Gods being mighty powerful, yet insanely childish and petty, is very entertaining. They can never seem to control their base emotions, which seems very human. :)


Bethany said...


Being part German myself, that's pretty cool that you like a German tale. Thank you for dropping by and entering. You're all set. :-)

Bethany said...


Do you have a favorite one? One of my favorites is actually mentioned in DIVINE LOVE. There's definitely plenty of gods and goddesses in DIVINE LOVE (and the rest of the Trilogy). Thank you for dropping by and entering. :-)

Christiana T said...

First, Happy Birthday, Bethany!
Second ~grins~ because I can't resist... I am admittedly addicted to fairy tales, and mythology. While I love all of it, I find the story of Persephone and Hades to be most entertaining. It's a story that explains the seasonal cycle and how it came to be. Spring is when Persephone Rejoices and frolics in the sun, Summer is when she is at her glory, thrilled to be above ground, Autumn brings her sadness for she knows she must go back to the underworld soon, and Winter is the bleak months of her confinement as Queen of the Underworld. (Well, that is my interpretation of it, anyway.)


Bethany said...


Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. The Hades and Persephone iis an interesting tale that has many versions and perceptions attached to it. Thank you for dropping by an entry. You're all set! 😀

Bethany said...