Thursday, June 5, 2014

IMMORTAL DREAMS Trilogy Updates & More...

Happy Thursday All,

It seems like ages since I wrote an update. There's been some things in my real life, and some things in my writing life that have meant that I didn't get on here to do any updates. Real life is just busyness--nothing bad, for which I can only send up a prayer of gratitude to God. As for writing, been working on a WIP (Work In Progress) and some other stuff pertaining to the Immortal Dreams Trilogy.

Speaking of which...are you ready? Here we go...

1.  I got an email from my publisher. Looks like Immortal Dreams Book One: Divine Love will release June 18th. It's possible it MIGHT get pushed back to June 25th, but we're shooting for the 18th. (And yes, the 18th is only 2 weeks away *smiles*).

2. All THREE novels in the Trilogy have cover art! Yes, you read that right. About 1-2 days ago sent an email to the cover art department for my publisher saying I liked the revised cover art for
Book Three, so I'm just waiting to hear back from them that everything is finalized on Book Three's cover art.  Book Two's cover art has been finalized.

I'm not sure when I'll do Book Two and Three cover art reveals. That's something I'm still working out.

I'm working on some promotional ideas and some things that I'm thinking will be exclusively available on Facebook. I haven't completely decided about that, yet. Might be up on Twitter, too, but I'm not positive. My author Facebook page is currently the best way to keep up with my updates. Either that or find me on Twitter

Have you been reading lately? What have you been reading and what genre is it?

Have A Terrifically Thrilling Thursday!

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