Monday, May 6, 2013

A Little Taste...

Happy Monday All,

Wow...I know, it's so very long since I gave a real update. Things are heating up (in a good way).

I'm gearing up for July 10, 2013 when All's Fair In Love & Lion is released (YAY!) Yeah, it's still 2 months away, but there's several details.

In other news...the companion sequel to All's Fair In Love & Lion has a new title (originally I was calling it Inflamed, but I felt like that didn't really describe the book, so I came up with a new one, which I will reveal later). It's coming along and I like the direction it's going, so hopefully I can finish it up reasonably quickly. I really want to get through initial edits and get all fixed up as soon as possible. I sent a basic synopsis to my editor and she wants to see it when I'm done. So we'll see what happens with that one.

What can I tell you about AFINL&L? Well...let's see it's a Romance novel...there's aspects of fairy-tale in it (no, Monroe isn't a prince, but he's got a castle he inherited from his parents). Sasha is an high school English teacher who secretly wants her own Prince Charming and wonders if it could be Monroe. There's a whole cast of characters that were fun to write--from Sasha's exuberant best friend, to Monroe's lifelong friend, who is practically a brother to him. There's a cast of characters I had a blast creating. I just love this story. I'm so excited you, my readers, will finally have a chance to see it.

I know I'm teasing you, but I promise, you'll see more as time goes by and then, whoo-hoo, it'll be release day! So stay tuned. :-)

Have A Marvelously Magical Monday!

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