Monday, December 3, 2012

The NWHRWA Makes Merry

Happy Monday Everybody,

It's December, if you can believe it! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

On Saturday I Christmas partied with my NWHRWA Chapter mates.

Whomever did the decorations knows how to make things bright, merry, and cheerful.

Look behind the love gift bag, you'll see the very top
of the present I got to keep.
 We have a gift game that we do--the "white elephant" one. We didn't have too many joke presents...although someone did find a cookbook that was the source of much merriment. I ended up with a chalkboard type thing that says "The Writing On The Wall" and a box of chalk--it's really cool. I'm going to get husband to put it up on the wall...great place to jot down ideas real quick.

from L to R:  me, Christie Craig, William Simon
 My chapter mates are extremely talented, encouraging, and wonderful people, and I count myself lucky and blessed to be among them. The two chapter mates / published writers in the picture with me, William Simon, and Christie Craig, have been so wonderful and encouraging in my journey. William was the NWHRWA president when I joined and he took me "under his wing" so to speak and made me feel very welcome. Christie has encouraged me to believe in myself and to keep going. She gave me advice on my pitches. She calls me her "book pimp" and I proudly wear the title--her books are full of comedy and romance. William's Thrillers are fascinating.

As always it was full of fun and laughter! We had a blast.

Have A Merry Monday!


Tonette said...

Sorry I missed this...how nice! But I'm sure you will excuse me when you konw that Dec.3rd was my 30th wedding anniversary! (yep,I could be your mom!)
Congrats and I hope all had a good time.

Bethany said...


Happy belated anniversary! No...sorry, you couldn't be my mom. My mother's been married longer LOL ;-)

Thank you for the congrats. Very excited over the contract. The party was a lot of fun.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting :-)