Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September, New & Upcoming Releases...

Posted by Bethany at September 11, 2012
Happy Tuesday All,

Today we remember and pray for those involved in the tragedy of 9/11, and we also remember all the brave men and women who defend the USA. May God bless them and be with them.

This year September is bringing weather to the South of the promise of Fall. It's not as cool as I'd prefer, yet, but it's cooler. One of the little trees in my backyard has already got some red leaves on it (pretty!) and another one is showing signs of Fall. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. What's yours?

Before I forget...

There's releases coming right around the corner:

Sophie Jordan's 3rd book in her YA series, Hidden, is out TODAY!

Kerrelyn Sparks has the re-release of her Historical under the title The Forbidden Lady (out on September 25, 2012). Also, her next Love At Stake book, Wild About You will be out on November 27, 2012.

C.C. Hunter's newest installment in her Shadowfalls series, Whispers At Moonrise will release on October 2nd.

Laura Childs' next Scrapbooking Mystery, entitled: Postcards From The Dead will also be out on October 2nd.

What books are you looking forward to that are coming out this Fall?

Have A Thoughtful Tuesday!


Tonette Joyce on Tuesday, 11 September, 2012 said...

Wow, Kerrelyn,C.C. and Laura are prolific! Good for them!
Bethany,I am more lookig forward to finishing some of my own projects than looking for more to read, because it finds me anyway! I have a list so long, I doubt that there will be time in Heaven to get to all I want to read.
Fall is coming here because i t finally dipped below the 90's.We have had a few quite cool nights.Today, it is about 80 and I actually have the oven on.My wall oven warms the house so much that once the A/C is on,I don't use it. BBQ ribs are done, a pork roast is in and a stuffed chicken is going in later.I noticed a slight change in som eof the trees last night where it is highlt wooded.Here it comes; I hope it lasts.Autumn is my favorite season, but it doesn't usually last long here.

Bethany on Wednesday, 12 September, 2012 said...


I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comment.

Hope all your projects go well--best wishes on them.

Sounds like you're a cooking machine. (And the food sounds good!)

Thank you for dropping by and commenting! :-)


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