Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Winner & Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Yesterday's Christie Craig Interview Comment Contest was pretty fun, with some really good comments. Choosing a winner wasn't easy, but in the end "there could only be one" (whooo Highlander flashes here).

(Maybe I should've called it the Awesome Comment Contest instead? A better ring LOL).

Anyway, the winner is *drum roll please*...

Congratulations, Linda! :-)
Linda has already been notified and the information has been sent to Christie so that she can get the signed copy of Shut Up And Kiss Me to her.
So, I have a question for you all to ponder...
What if a story an author is writing makes him or her uncomfortable?
Now, if it somehow goes against the writer's religion then the obvious choice is to put it aside or change it.
If it just makes the author uncomfortable because his or her character is this terrible con-man who cons an elderly lady and he or she would never con an elderly lady out of $500,000 dollars, then that just might mean you have a really good villain on your hands.
What if it's a man trying to write about a woman's monthly cycle? (My advice is ask a woman, she'd be more than happy to pour out her "Aunt Flo Woes" LOL I'm a woman, I know!)
In any case...how do you take the uncomfortable and make it a good story?
Anyway, again congratulations to Linda. Thank you Christie Craig, for yesterday's interview and thank you everyone for all the comments yesterday! Christie appreciated them and so did I. It's wonderful to see the support :-)
Have A Wonderful Wednesday!


Marsha Sigman said...

Good Post! I don't think I have ever been uncomfortable...sad, depressed, angry, happy, but not uncomfortable. I have no answers.

Regina Quentin said...

In real life, I think I try to make light of things when I'm uncomfortable. If that doesn't work I find the nearest exit. I've never been uncomfortable in writing before though, but you make a good point, it might make for a really good villain. I just thought of one! Thanks.

Bethany said...


Yeah those emotions do come out for writers, don't they?

Bethany said...


Glad I could help LOL