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Remembering Grandpa...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Near the end of this month is Memorial Day, and in honor of it The Author Encounter is having a May We Remember Blog/Website scavenger hunt. In talking with my business partner (we're Co-Founders/Co-Owners of The Author Encounter) I got to talking about my grandfather who served in World War II.

He was my dad's father, and he was a tall man who went by the nickname "Mickey" (no, I didn't call him that, I just called him Grandpa). My dad doesn't even know why his nickname was Mickey, nothing in his name suggested it (does the name Owen sound like Mickey?) But that's what he was called (apparently, my Grandmother even called him that--but I didn't know her, she died a year before I was born). Anyway, he was an MP (among many other jobs while in the army) and he went all over the place, including Italy. I've often wanted to go to Italy (not during a war, obviously, but on a visit--who knows when or if that will ever happen, but hey it seems like a beautiful country).

Grandpa died in 2013, not during the war and not from any pandemic--just other health issues. At his internment (he was cremated) a couple of those in the military (who I think had known him) came out to pay respects in uniform. They were delighted when my younger brother was there with his bagpipes (in a kilt when it was September and chilly up in Michigan!) and played Amazing Grace.

Grandpa was a man of few words. He called me "Bethie" because that's what my dad called me (or maybe my dad called me that because he did? I don't remember) and when I was studying World War II in high school, he answered all my questions. He didn't volunteer information about serving in the war, but he answered the questions I asked--I guess enough time had passed that he could talk about it. I know it was hard on him to do so when he first got back.

He was a blue-collared worker, who never shied away from hard work or from family. He built a house out on a lake (that's STILL owned by family members to this day). He was a lifetime Master of the card game, Bridge. I never learned, but my dad knows how to play. We had a computer game of it years ago, and when he came to visit he learned how to bring it up on the computer and would play it. I didn't know he had been a Lifetime Master until recently.

Anyway, I believe a lot of those who have died who served our country were hard workers like my grandfather. Men and women who wanted to serve their country in the military and some who laid down their lives for it. I hope this Memorial Day family of military both living and passed on will remember the sacrifices and be grateful, just as I was to my grandfather for his sense of service, family, and country. Not everyone is cut out for that kind of service, but I salute those who have and are and say 'thank you' to them. God bless you.

Hope everyone has a Totally Terrific Tuesday!


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